“Christmas Must Be Tonight!”


“Christmas Must Be Tonight!” Christmas silhouette 2013-1

I’ve been singing that song and that line a lot this year! It’s a great song by Robbie Roberson (who wrote it in the seventies) and it’s the first song on my Christmas album.

And, as I write, tonight it’s absolutely true! To get that album ready to go, I’ve been singing Christmas songs since February, and loving it! I may just keep on all year around. I love seasons and try not to slight any of them, particularly the “holy-days” much of Christendom has been keeping for a scad of centuries. There’ve long been Puritans and their fear-throttled descendants around trying to throw cold water on such, but not in my spirit, they won’t! We have nothing to fear from too much genuine joy or beauty because, if the joy and beauty are genuine, they are God’s, and they blaze with His glory, far more brightly than human vessels can perceive. One day we’ll see them in their full splendor; until then, even the glimmers we see here are a magnificent gift from God. I’ll not slap my Father in the face by refusing or distrusting such a gift!

“Silent Night” points to the coming of genuine Joy, simple and exquisitely beautiful words about the coming of the Word, the greatest Gift. And joy is there. But for God’s people, all joy is God’s joy, and I figure we should sing “Let It Snow!” with more gusto, joy, and fun than anyone. And if you hear “Let It Snow!” warbling from the inside of my pickup cab in July, well, what better time to sing it with genuine feeling! Yes, the changing seasons are another of God’s gifts, but I must admit, it’s becoming clearer to me all the time: winter and snow and mountains and fireplaces and . . . Christmas! Those are my favorite things!

Yes, I’ve been especially attuned to Christmas this year, but I knew it was right around the corner when a sweet granddaughter awoke in our room one early morning and, as this little beauty often does, just launched, suddenly completely awake, into excited speech: “PawPaw, I heard sleigh bells and reindeer paws!” And another little beauty chimed in, “Me, too, PawPaw!” Well, if you’re hearing such, it’s proof positive that Christmas is well on the way, right?

And now, well, Christmas must be tonight! Our family cheated just a little and rushed it up a bit. We gathered around the tree and by the fireplace and tore into the presents last Merry Christmas 01weekend, to the delight of all, I think. I doubt it will confuse the sleigh-driver or the reindeer. And I’m casting my vote with the great song: I’m looking for a white Christmas, and this year have decided to take no chances. My wife and I were invited to snow country, to Red River, New Mexico, where I’ll be leading and singing in the Christmas Eve service at the Community House here. So, I’m looking out the window of the cabin and Christmas is already white!

Oh, yes, it starts tonight! And wherever you are, whether you’re thrilling to the beauty of the snow, hearing the sounds of reindeer paws, loving the carols of worshipers welcoming the Child, enjoying the presence of people you love, or quietly trusting in a dark time that His light is the truest of hopes and the source of it all, don’t forget on this Christmas night and all during this season of beauty and joy, God’s best Gift. Invite Him again into your heart, and feel His hope anew. All because of Bethlehem.  


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